Blood Cancer

Blood cancer is a general term which refers to the attacks that are on the blood and they affect areas like the bone marrow and the lymphatic system. The bold usually has three types of caner and they are leukemia, multiple myeloma and lymphoma. Leukemia is a very dangerous condition and it affects and causes the malignancy of the cells that are in the blood. The tumors in the lymph system cause the lymphoma and the myeloma is caused as a result of the plasma cells in the bone marrow.
Blood Cancer
The common symptoms of the blood will make one to be really weak and tired all the time. The aged will find it really hard to walk and those who are fat or obese will be breathless when walking. Some think that this is a pressure related issue and they will take the wrong mediation. It is really hard for them to move and a little strain in the body will make them to have fractures. The bones are very weak and a slight fall will led them to hospitalization since the bones have been greatly injured. They are also very much affected with a small injure and the bruises will take a long time to heal. 

One will keep on going to the toilet just after they have taken a sip of water. When they are urinating, the feel lots of pain and it is very hard for them to hold the pain. When the stool is too hard, they also feel pain and tired to hold on and other seven fear to take food since they do not want to visit the toilet.

Other people do experience a lot of rashes and dark spots but this is not a skin condition. A lot of people also do experience constant headaches all the tine and this makes them not to see well,. This can lead to blindness or visual abnormalities.

It is also very hard for one to stop the bleeding once they experience cuts and wounds. Deep cuts will make them loose a lot of blood that will make them to faint and get medical assistance to take care of the wound.

It is very important to go for medical check ups on a regular basis and find out if the blood is clean and whether it has got any form of abnormalities and be given the proper advice. It is really important to get the required medical attention as soon as one started to notice the above symptoms. Blood is a very vital in the body, ignorance of the medical assistance will make one to fall sick often and when it is too late, the cancer will spread rapidly to the other parts of the body. Research indicates that a lot of people are in a position to notice the signs and symptoms of blood related caner.

Blood Cancer
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